Emdek Turbo Spin 650/850


Emdek Turbo Spin 650/850 adalah Implementasi traktor yang dirancang untuk mendistribusikan pupuk pada perkebunan seperti: sawit, karet, tebu dll dengan kapasitas hopper 650 sampai 850 Liter. Implementasi ini mampu mendistribuskian pupuk 35-40 Hektare per hari. Tersedia dalam 3 model pilihan.

Hopper capacity (Liters) 300/500* 650 850
Max load approx. (Kg.) 300/500* 650 850
Type of hopper Fiberglass hoppper with closed bottom as part of flow control
Shape of hopper Oval/Square Square Square with extension
Effective spreading width from left to right swath 15-18 meters approximately 15-25 metres approximately depending on the materail used 15-25 metres approximately depending on teh materail used
Loading height (mm) 1170 1090 1150
Tractor PTO RPM (Max.) 540
Tractor PTO shaft suitable Suitable for tractor PTO shafts with 6 splines 1 3/8" diameter
Tractor linkage category Cat 1 Cat 1&2 Cat 1&2
Construction material used Heavy gauge stainless steel is used for all model to construct fetilizer contrac areas including flow control plate, spinner disc, vanes, chutes, deflectors and agitator. Frame is of tubular heavy gauge mild steel channels/pipes with reinforcementas.
Gearbox and lubrication Exclusive fabricated steel gearbox lubricated with grease and fitted with capped seasis to prevent fetilizer from entering gearbox. gearbox is fitted with grease nipple for regular maintenance. Built exclusively in Australia for Turbo - Spin Use
Clutch & PTO mechanism Fertilizer screen PTO drive shaft with appropriate shearblot clutch which works even when rusted or caked up with fertilizer. Astandard item supplied to screen off hardened or caked up fertilizers and separate stones and othe foreign material to prevent damage to the agitator, disc, hopper and gearbox


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