High Iron 9% - Low Nitrogen 6 %

X-Xtra Iron Chelate 9% contains more iron than the closest com­ petitive product. X-Xtra Iron provides 100% soluble iron in an immediately available form for both foliar and root applications. X-Xtra Iron is formulated by a unique Iron/Nitrogen complex that converts the iron to a soluble form that stimulates fast green up with no surge growth. X-Xtra Iron contains the three most essen­ tial nutrients for photosynthesis: Iron, Nitrogen and Sulfur. X-Xtra Iron is amine compatible and can be used with herbicides and pesticides as well as other Growth Products nutrients. X-Xtra Iron can be used for regular turf maintenance to enhance rich green color and promote strong root systems for high traffic areas and stress conditions. X-Xtra Iron can be used on turf, tree and orna­ mentals for correction of iron deficiencies and chlorosis.

STORAGE: Do not freeze. Store in heated area to prevent crys­ talization.

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