With 2% Chelated Manganese & 3.5% Sulfur

Iron Max 6% is a chelated iron and manganese chelate that pro­ motes fast green up. Iron Max 6% plus 2% Manganese is impor­ tant for good green color, (chlorophyll synthesis) and for photo­ synthesis. Iron Max 6% is 100% chelated. It is a clear solution that will not settle. Iron Max 6% provides the plant with immediately available iron/ manganese along with nitrogen for correction of iron chlorosis. Iron Max 6% is amine compatible and can be used with insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Iron Max 6% can be used for regular turf maintenance to enhance rich green color and promote strong root systems in high traffic areas and stress conditions. It is ideal for use on turf, trees and ornamentals,for general plant maintenance and correct chlorosis. Iron Max 6% can be applied to warm, cool and transitional grasses through­ out the growing season.

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