Micrel Total is a true solution containing eight chelated micronu­ trients used to correct deficiencies (chlorosis) in turf, trees,orna­ mentals and bedding plants. Micrel Total is completely miscible in water. The unique citrate I nitrogen chelate bond eliminates any flush growth or budding. All nutrients are available either by foliar or root feeding,and can be applied throughout the grow­ing season with no concern of phytotoxicity. Micrel Total aids in resistance to disease, winter desiccation and tolerance to stress. Chlorotic  plants will  respond within  48  hours with  a  deeper, healthier green. Bentgrass turf will respond within 24 hours and maintain a residual green for 2 to 3 weeks. Micrel Total can be sprayed along with herbicide applications to reduce yellowing. Micrel  Total   is  compatible   with   other  technical   materials.

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