Organic Iron 5% is a new ORGANIC CHELATE made from a sugar based Glucoheptonate chelating agent. Organic Iron 5% is formulated for year round application on all varieties of turf grasses. It can be used in early spring for soil injection of trees and ornamentals. Organic Iron 5% is excellent as a foliar spray on all plant materials that are showing iron deficiencies. These are naturally fermented sugar acids that form soluble molecules with mineral elements. Organic Iron 5% is a very stable chelate and is a perfect choice for higher pH soils where minor elements often become unavailable to the plant. In this soil condition, Organic Iron 5% will remain available longer than other types of chelates. Plants can become deficient in iron elements because of pH imbalances. Organic Iron 5% can prevent compound defi­ ciencies in turf and many plant materials. University studies indi­ cate that glucoheptonates are ideal for foliar applications and are more efficient than EDTA chelates in high pH soils.

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