100% Natural Organic Soil Ammendment and Root Stimulator with 21 L-Amino Acids

Essential is a 100% natural organic product derived from plant and vege­ tative products that provides a rich carbon source of organic matter. Essential is pasteurized and homoge­ nized to be a homogeneous solution. Each ingredient has been selected to provide all the various stages of organic decomposition (from fast decomposers to more complex forms of carbon requiring com­ plex decomposition). Essential conta ins 21 L-amino acids that promote nutrient absorption, and stimulate the plants essential metabolic activities. It also becomes an available food source for soil microorganisms. High concentrates of active, soluble humic acid, humus and cellulose fiber will help to replenish soils depleted of organic matter. Essential will improve poor or sub­ soil conditions and compaction. Essential will improve plant physiology with sugars, 21 amino acids and nutrients that are not available in N-P-K fertilizers

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