7% Potassium Silicate, with phosphite and 2% humic acid

Green-Speed Si is a pro’ prietory formula with silica, potassium phosphite, and humic acid as the active ingredients. Silica hard­ ens the leaf and helps strengthen the xylem vessels during times of high transpiration, reducing water loss. Green-Speed Si con­ tains Potassium Phosphite which promotes turf health and increases the turf’s resistance to disease and pests. Potassium also builds carbohydrate reserves. The humic acid increases nutrient uptake through the leaf and root tissue. It is designed for foliar application on all varieties of turf grosses on greens, tees and roughs, sports turf, lawns and ornamental grosses. Green Speed con be used in a regular maintenance program. It is best to opply Green Speed prior to heavy traffic or prior to times of heat stress

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