RAIN BIRD 1800 Series Spray Heads

Rain Bird 1800 Series Spray Heads

4",6",12"(10.2 cm; 30.5 cm)
  • Patented, Triple-Blade Wiper Seal precisely balances flushing, flow-by and debris protection to optimize performance and durability at pop-up and retraction. Precision-controlled flushing at pop-up and retraction clears debris, ensuring positive stem retraction in all soil types 
  • Unique debris pockets hold grit in place, removing it from circulation and preventing long-term damage. Parts resistant to corrosion in treated recycled water containing chlorine
  • RD1800™ SAM PRS Series: Incorporates all RD1800 Series SAM and
    PRS features. Meets the needs of all spray areas, regardless of changing
    elevation or water pressures 
  • RD1800™ Flow-Shield™ Series: Provides low flow vertical water jet visible from +200’ line of sight when a nozzle has been removed


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