RAIN BIRD HE-VAN Series Nozzles

Rain Bird HE-VAN Series Nozzles

High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzles
  • HE-VAN’s even coverage allows you to shorten run times by up to 35%, saving you water and money, while still maintaining a healthy lawn. HE-VAN has more than a 40 percent even-coverage improvement over existing variable arc nozzles 
  • HE-VAN nozzles have a unique stream pattern, designed for superior coverage and wind resistance. Low-trajectory spray and large water droplets prevent misting and airborne evaporation so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place. Gentle close-in watering eliminates dry-spots around the spray head 
  • HE-VAN nozzles throw to the exact specified radius, delivering the cleanest edge of any VAN on the market today 
  • Reduced zone run times, compared to competitive nozzles, help stay within tight watering windows, conserve water, and save money 
  • With full adjustability from 0° to 360°, you’ll be able to efficiently water landscapes of all shapes, while saving time and stocking fewer nozzles 
  • Matched precipitation rates allow you to install Rain Bird HE-VAN, MPR and U-Series nozzles on the same zone • HE-VAN nozzles have a tactile click to keep the arc setting from drifting over time • Three year trade warranty


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